LED Light-Up Face Masks


The LED Light-Up Face Mask is a brand-new voice activated and simulates your mouth. The mask also smiles when you’re silent. The perfect light up masks! This is one face mask that lights up the mood! Free Shipping in the Continental US

  • Sound-Activated LED Mask
  • Includes Mask and LED Panel
  • 2-Ply Cotton Mask
  • Adjustable Toggles
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Fun for Everyone!
  • 2-Ply Cotton Light Up Mask
  • LED Panel
  • Charging Cable

LED Smart Mask Features

Discover what the all-new LED Light Up Mask has to offer! With sound-activated led lights that change as you talk, these are the perfect talking light masks!

  • Sound-Activated

    LED Smart Mask lights up and simulates facial expressions

  • Includes Mask and LED Panel

    LED Smart Mask includes easy to insert LED panel

  • 2-Ply Cotton Mask

    LED Smart Mask is made from the finest cotton we could find

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Play Video
  • Adjustable Toggles

    LED Smart Mask features adjustable toggles for a secure fit

  • Rechargeable Battery

    LED Smart Mask battery is connected to a removable LED Panel

  • Fun for Everyone!

    Stand out while putting a smile on your face and others

LED Light Up Mask Instructions

Follow these 5 simple steps to get your LED Smart Light-Up Mask activated

Step 1: Get Started

Remove the LED light strip from packaging.


Step 2: Turn ON the mask

Turn the LED light strip on by pushing the white switch to the left side, towards the wires.

Step 3: Install the LED light strip panel into the mask

Carefully slide the LED light strip inside the mask on the back side opening


Step 4: Double check the installation

Make sure all components are snug and secure inside the face mask.

Step 5: You're all set to wear the LED Smart Mask!

Time to go out and show off your new smile.

charging led smart face mask battery

Charging the LED Smart Mask

  1. Locate the charging port next to the ON/OFF switch
  2. Plug in the provided mini USB cord.
You can use the USB cord with any USB supported charging device to charge the LED light strip.  Get your light-up talking mask going!