Mask Market.com is the first PPE equipment website that allows you to design your own mask.

Since launching in April of 2020, we have not only become one of the best-known suppliers of re-washable PPE face masks in the Midwest in the short time since the virus landed in the United States, we’ve are also one of the only manufacturers in the United States selling custom face masks to those who need them urgently to go back out into the world during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What makes MaskMarket.com so unique:

One Mask Sold = One Mask Donated

Also, our custom face mask designer gives everyone the ability to create their very own custom face mask when they use our unique online design tool. Since it is now essential to wear a face mask out in public, regardless of whether or not you just need to getting groceries, or head to work, you now have the ability to protect yourself unlike you’ve ever had before.

Now you can have your very own custom PPE face mask that represents your love for your favorite pop culture movie, television series, comic book superhero when you upload your selected design. Using your favorite image, we’ll create your very own custom face mask, and when you wear it out into the world, you’ll know that you’re not only be safe but that you’re also doing it in a style that unique to you, representing who you are, what you love most.

Premade Masks

If you’re just here at MaskMarket.com to buy a PPE mask, you also have a variety of great ready-to-ship designs to choose from. Looking for something patriotic? Or a design that represents your sense of humor? Our selection of PPE cloth face masks are available in Standard or Deluxe which includes a insert-able filter.

All of our masks are made in the USA. Here in Metro Detroit, Michigan, at our warehouse, while maintaining strict social distancing guidelines, we use the highest quality materials available to create PPE face masks for our customers that are not only essential, comfortable, and stylish, but also provide piece-of-mind in today’s chaotic climate.

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