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Demi Lavato Custom Facemask.

Demi Lavato Lookalike Facemask

Where Can I Buy A Selfie Face Mask Like Demi Lovato’s?

Demi Lovato fans were surprised to see the music superstar post a photo of herself on Instagram wearing a PPE face mask with her own smile on it.

“Someone gave me a mask with my smile on it and I’m equally amused as I am disturbed,” she wrote on her post on Saturday, October, 24th.

With pop culture celebrities having the ability to not only entertain us,  but also inspire us in this day and age of social media, Lovato’s IG post should be proof for her fans, that the 28-year-old, is not only taking the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously, but that she’s also concerned about the health and safety of everyone.  Clearly, she’s trying to show everyone just how important a PPE mask is in today’s world.  Lovato’s post also suggests that she’s not only trying to remind everyone about the importance of masks, but that it is so important to keep yourself safe as well as those around you, but that you can also follow the CDC guidelines concerning face masks in such a way that it can be 100% fun as well as expressive in a unique and fashionable manner.

After all, wearing a selfie PPE face mask like Demi Lovato, regardless of whether you have an adorable pout like the music superstar, can help to slow the spread of the COVID virus which is currently ravaging the United States of America.  And who doesn’t want that?

Face mask culture has already proven itself to be quite interesting. Back in April 2020, it was almost impossible to find a N95 face mask; unless you were willing to overdraw your bank account or max out your credit card on Ebay, finding a simple mask to wear to the grocery store was really a challenge.  Fast forward now to October 2020, though, and it is amazing how just about every company across the USA has begun to sell PPE masks to help keep you safe and those around you you may encounter out in the world.  Consumers have been searching out ways to make mask-wearing tolerable.   No one really wants to wear a mask, after all.   They are difficult to breath in, they can stick to your face; if you wear glasses and your face mask isn’t pulled up on your nose at the right height, you can expect your glasses to fog up.  When you talk to people, it makes it more difficult to speak, but they also can prohibit who you’re speaking to from understanding you clearly.    So, doesn’t it make sense that if you have to wear a face mask out in public, shouldn’t it be a face mask that allows you to be unique?  Shouldn’t it be a face mask that suggests fun?

We think so.  Which is why we created the selfie face mask here at  And consumers are proving our idea correct.  Since the early-Summer, consumers have been searching across the internet for ways to not only keep themselves safe, those around them, but also for a means in which they can express themselves in a unique, fun, and affordable way to help our country fight against the spread.  The United States has never been short of innovation, so it shouldn’t come to a surprise that there are alway numerous styles of PPE face masks that you can purchase across the internet that not only allow for the wearer to express their inner-self, but also protect.   There are already LED face masks on the market that give the wear a digital smiley face; there are Donald J. Trump “MAGA” aka “Make America Great Again” face masks,  Vote For Joe Biden 2020 face masks, and this isn’t yet to even mention that you can also already get,  with a click of your mouse, a high-quality face mask now that also features your favorite MLB, NFL, and NBA teams logo across the front.  

In fact, right now online, you can pretty much get anything your imagination dreams up and your heart desires put on a face mask if you are looking in the right place online.  So, it stands to reason that it was inevitable in today’s climate of the pandemic that a selfie face mask that provides a nearly seamless illusion of one’s complete  face via a photograph of the bottom of one’s actual face was bound to appear. Since launching in April of 2020, we here at have always tried to give our customers the most cutting-edge and fun ways to endure this terrible and miserable pandemic.  It’s always been important to us to not only provide our customers with the highest-quality cloth PPE face masks, but that they are masks that will help to keep your and your loved ones safe, first and foremost.

So if you’ve been searching the internet for days trying to find wear Demi Lovato got her cool selfie face mask that she wore in a post on Instagram, you’ve come to the right place.   If our selfie face masks are good enough for Demi Lovato to wear, aren’t they good enough for everyone to wear?